educational tools for Equipping schools, kindergartens, and special needs centers We have everything you need for schools, kindergartens, scientific and intellectual institutions, and people with special needs. We have more than 3,500 educational tools.
Project study and Design We have a team of educational supervisors and the most skilled designers
Playgrounds and Public Parks Our company specializes in equipping playground games and large children's gardens in a scientific way commensurate with the ages and numbers of children
Montessori We specialize in manufacturing and marketing Montessori products with European and American quality and safety qualities
Smart Classrooms Smart classrooms offer a better and more appealing learning process and afford the maximum benefit by the use of technology. They also save time by using creative and fun teaching methods.
Uniforms Our company specializes in manufacturing uniforms in line with the needs of schools, kindergartens, companies and hospitals through factories belonging to our company

      Sensorial materials give the child the opportunity to use his/her five senses through a set of activities to improve the child’s understanding for new concepts.

      Every tool includes the concept of “error tuning” which enhances self-teaching.

      Teachers’ role is to make the child interested in the material by demonstrating how to use it and then allowing him/her to discover the tool individually.

      The teacher presents the tool to the child individually so the child can be self-motivated.

      The tools are designed to help the child think logically and properly.

      These tools indirectly prepare the child for future learning in reading and writing in science and math, and has a great role in establishing a creative upcoming stage.

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